The Actual Science

"Follow the Science" has been a common theme the past few years.

The problem is, often there has been no real science to be seen; only information waved in our faces so that we can see nothing else.

When you actually start digging, you can find that there IS real science which has been obscured. They don't want you to know this since it reveals the lies and the agenda that has been forced upon us.

In this section, we will see what REAL science looks like.

'Fixed Science' is an illegitimate term.

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Vaccine Excipient Summary

The word, excipient, is derived from the Latin excipere, meaning ‘to except’, which is simply explained as ‘other than'. Pharmaceutical excipients are basically everything other than the active pharmaceutical ingredient. Read more


Polio is one of the most lied about subjects in our world, and it helps set a premise for all the other lies that are being perpetrated. The future of all depends on our knowing the truth and which actions we take.

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Graphene Oxide

Graphene Oxide [GO] in one of the latest and greatest items on the scientific list of interesting things to experiment with. Its versatility is rather phenomenal and there’s practically nothing it won’t do.

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