Action Now!

Sometimes it is unclear how we can get involved and what are our best actions. Your own community is always a good starting place. Find out what's going on and join in. It's not enough to just survive. We must also Thrive!

We need connection. Our children need connection. Often, your children are your best connectors to the world around you.

The World is our stage and we get to play!

Food Forest

A Food Forest, also called a Forest Garden, is a diverse planting of edible plants that attempts to mimic the ecosystems and patterns found in nature. Kinda like the Garden of Eden.

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Polyface Farm

Joel Salatin is not a very ordinary farmer. He's known as a Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic. Polyface Farm is a diversified, grass-based, beyond organic, direct marketing farm.

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The Grow System

Imagine growing enough food in your own backyard to cut your grocery bill in half and being able to treat the 12 most common ailments that come up in your family with herbs you grew yourself.

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