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Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea

What's is YOUR Vaccine?



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Live Blood Analysis is indicating evidence that the people who have avoided being injected are showing the SAME nanotech, graphene, clots, and more as those who have been injected, due to shedding and other contaminants in our environment. Dr. Ana Mihalcea speaks on the agenda behind this phenomenon and shows us how we can protect ourselves and stay Healthy.

from Dr. Ana’s Science of Light Show on People-to-People Radio...

MAC Address Phenomenon and Ribbons from C-19 Vials

Dr. Ana Mihalcea, Dr. David Nixon, Dr. Shimon Yanowitz and Electrical Engineer Matt Taylor are part of an international collaborative team effort to shed light on the self-assembly nanotechnology in the C-19 injectables. We present new research information testing the microchips that develop from Pfizer vial contents and their emission of MAC addresses. We discuss recent findings of MAC addresses emitted from Pfizer vial chips and the correlation to other researchers around the world who have found MAC addresses in C19 injected people or un-injected who got PCR tests.