The Poisoning of Our World
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The Poisoning of Our World

Let Us Count the Ways



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At this point, we might as well get used to the fact that most everything we have ever been told and thought we knew about the history of modern medicine has been riddled with lies.

From the mere curiosity of seeing what would happen when certain chemicals were mixed; to the morbid fascination of watching a small creature writhe in pain until it dies; to the convenience of ridding the world of certain unwanteds; to greed that has become a palpable thing as the monetization of 'medicine' has become one of the most lucrative businesses in the world; we have learned to use poisons in so many ways that it is a wonder that anything is still alive on the planet.

Perhaps the only things which have saved us thus far, are that our reach has been limited in the past, and that life is a most tenacious thing. Fortunately, awareness is growing. Unfortunately, the determination of the poisoners with the depth of their resources have a head start.

Our world is being poisoned - mercury; arsenic; lead; cyanide; glyphosate; aluminum; strontium; barium; DDT; pharmaceuticals - all in our atmosphere, food, and water. This affects people, plants, animals, and everything connected.

The list of symptoms people are experiencing is miles long and no matter how you stack them up or arrange them - whether you call this set diabetes and that set cancer - they are all signs of a body out of balance. How, in the name of common sense, can we justify adding pharmaceuticals to the regimen, under the guise of mitigating the symptoms of living in a toxic world? Symptoms are the body's cries to stop poisoning it.

Now people are being injured and dying from an experimental inoculation that doesn't even solve the original problem, for a so-called disease that statistically, no one is dying of.

The beauty is, our bodies are magical bio-machines that can bring everything back into balance, given the right tools - nutrition; rest; sunshine; laughter - to name a few. The only magic of most pharmaceutics is you never have to feel anything - ever again.

We encourage you to stop looking to 'modern medicine' to make you feel better. Look to living better. Look to Nature. Turn off your TV. Embrace your life and make it a place worth living.