The Purpose of this Site

There are no 'versions' of the Truth - something is either true, or it is not. There are, however, many perspectives and knowing the Truth is intrinsic to knowing our path and where we are going. Otherwise, we are lost.

The Awakened Nexus is a place to find the information that can take you to the next level of understanding about what is happening in our world. There is much confusion on what Truth is and who honestly represents it. Here you will find educational, inspirational points of fact that you can use. You will also find resources and connections to actual experts , whose info can be vetted and cross-referenced with others who have done their homework and are offering their highest Truth.

Awakened Not Asleep; Conscious; Aware; Knowing
Nexus – Connection, Link, a Causal Link; a Connected Group or Series; Center, Focus, a Focal Point

We are using the term, Awakened, to correlate with 'One who is aware of the deeper meanings of life'. The difference between being Awake and the slang term, Woke, might seem a bit nebulous, but they are not the same. In trying to keep with the vernacular, those who are Awake are aware of the fact that life is not as it seems and actually want to know the Truth. The Woke ones may be aware that life is not what it seems, but they typically only want to know the Truth as long as it is convenient and supports their opinions.

Nexus originally meant 'Connection’; then ‘Connected Series’ - as in a nexus of relationships. Ultimately it took on a third meaning: ‘Center’ - as in the trade nexus of a region.  Nexus is one of those words that you hear occasionally, but unless you’ve looked it up, you may not know its actual meaning. We are using the word to describe a point of focus.

We encourage you to explore this site and utilize the information and resources to help you in the understanding of our world and the enhancement of your own life. Our purpose is to help connect you with others of like-mind and ultimately, to empower you in the process of helping to create our world anew.

We are Glad You are Here!

Villains in our World


We have allowed ourselves to be lulled to sleep, and have become compliant to the villains, who would have us believe everything they do is "for our own good".


Billionaires, oligarchs, corporate leaders, and others who stay in the shadows.

These are the few who manipulate the masses.


In order to comprehend the Why, one must truly want to know.

Courage is required to face the reality here.

Villains who twirl their mustaches are easy to spot. Those who clothe themselves in good deeds are well camouflaged... waiting for the right climate in which to flourish; spreading fear in the name of righteousness.

~ Jean-Luc Picard - Star Trek, The Next Generation

There are times when our World seems to have gone mad. Lately, that seems to be most of the time. Many of us wonder how things have gotten so out of balance. Are we really this inept, or is there some sort of diabolical plot afoot that we aren't aware of? Either we're delusional, or someone is playing tricks on us.

You are not delusional, and the diabolicalness is completely off the chart. There are many in our world who would like to keep from you what is, and make you see what is not.

The Awakened Nexus website offers information that calls for your deepest discernment and a clear eye to see what is before you. We feel that each person has the right to an unobstructed view and will do our best to clear the smoke and lift the veil so that all who have eyes may see. Let us pull back the curtain and have a look, shall we?

One very critical fact that we each need to realize, integrate, and come to terms with is -  


Realize this, and all the pieces begin to find their places.