The Burden of Civilization is Upon Us
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The Burden of Civilization is Upon Us

and the Clueless Shall Lead



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Elders - over 70
Boomers - 50 to 70
Adults - 30 to 50
Youngers - under 30

It is said that history can be completely re-written within 3-4 generations, so that the Youngers only remember shadows of what was.

With our ‘modern’ school systems and the World Wide Web, aka Internet, it is a simple thing to teach those with no life experience whatever ‘truth’ suits the powers that wanna-be. Many of our Youngers have been indoctrinated and don't feel that their elders have any wisdom to depart. Unfortunately, there is some truth in this point.

I would say most of our Elders, with some fortunate exceptions, are largely struggling to survive. Our so-called Healthcare system has turned many of its trusting patients into drugged-out zombies and has effectively killed the rest.

Having been lied to about reality their entire lives - as were their parents and grandparents – most of our Elders have no comprehension of our world today. The wars have taken a massive toll on their bodies and psyches. Some have managed to dodge the bullets and are doing their best to live out the slow fury of life as it winds down. Those of us who have had the good fortune to know and learn from our Elders bear the obligation to pass on any wisdom we have gleaned along the way.

Youngers, as I'm calling them, are our future. They are an interesting mixture of wide awake, completely asleep, and just don’t give a damn. Many of them don’t see that they have a future and are just trying to do what they're told: Go to school; get a job; start a family; watch football; drink beer; act happy; pay your taxes; shut up. How precious are those who are asking questions and demanding answers?

The 30 to 50 somethings - the Adults - are in the throes of creating careers, buying houses, raising families, trying to figure out what happened to their 20s, and wondering how they will even make it to 50 or beyond. The clues are rising, but there is little to no point of reference, and who has time anyway?

If you're in the Boomer category - depending on how ‘successfully' you have arranged things - you'll be daily assessing whether or not you will be able to hold out - considering the economy; current politics; how well your kids and your parents are doing; and whether or not your Health will stay intact. The uncertainties are numerous - "What do I do next?" "How do I maintain what I have?" "What about retirement?" "What the bleep is going on around here?" And if you have any gumption – "How the hell do I fix it?"

Our Elders can no longer help us understand what's next, and those who are younger than us are still struggling to catch up and keep up. Where does this leave us as a society? For those of us who are beginning to ‘get a clue’, the burden of civilization is definitely upon us.


If you were a responsible, resourceful Adult - now Boomer - and you ‘did it right’, your house should be paid for, your kids should be through college, you’re all set up for retirement and looking forward to enjoying the ‘good life’. Right? We were all taught this is the American dream. Why then does the future of the ‘Collective’ look so bleak?

Being one of the Baby-Boomer crowd, it has occurred to me that if those of us who have begun to have a clue do not take a stand, not only will our children and grandchildren have no future worth living, but those of us who plan to be around for another 20 or 40 years are going to have some real problems.

Even when one has seen through the charade and is not inclined to remain in the boiling pot - willing to face the fires of the exit - where is one to go? The main reason so many people have been and still are in denial of the truth of our reality is that they have not a clue about what can be done and cannot seem to find their courage.

It should be easy to see – were we to look – that our experiment has gone awry. The freedom we have fought so hard for has never really existed, and neither did the good old days. This is not to say that there have been no good times. I remember many, yet they are so interwoven with misery and disappointment and loved ones dying before their time; and my life has been easy compared to most I have known.

The beauty and the horror of the covid debacle has revealed the hideous underbelly of the monster that has ruled our lives these many decades, of which very few had a clue. It is getting more and more difficult not to see behind the tattered veil, if one has the courage to look.

When do we stop expecting politicians to fix anything? When do we realize that our current system is not just out of control, running down-hill with no brakes, but that everything that seems to be destructing is part of a design, to achieve the results desired by certain individuals - mostly without our permission - and we have let them do it? Unless and until we stop letting them 'do it', our lives will continue to be the accelerating train-wreck that we are experiencing.


What's the solution?

First of all, stop expecting someone else to answer this question. Are you not a thinking human with some life experience? Look around you and see what needs to be done, and then do something! I know some areas are more overwhelming than others and most people just want to live and love and be happy. Start moving everything in that direction.

I suggest we Start by Stopping.

  • STOP watching television and burying your face in electronics.
  • STOP listening to and believing in the fear.
  • STOP bowing to the IRS and other so-called authorities.
  • STOP believing in politics.
  • STOP listening to and following any religion that tells you that there are those who are less-than.

We can Stop by Starting.

  • START to realize that the world is NOT what you have been told.
  • START to ask the hard questions, and then discover the answers to those questions.
  • START to decide what is your truth and act accordingly.
  • START to say NO to things you know are wrong.
  • START by doing whatever it takes to secure your future and the future of those you love.

No matter the age or status of the person, all things can change with the Will. YOU have to decide what You want, and what You will not put up with. When those around you realize you mean it, they will either join you or challenge you. Most bullies will back down, since they count on your fear. And if they won't back down, then you may have to show them who you are.

When we master our fear, we can see and act clearly.

Be the Hero of Your Life.