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from the SLAY News website...

SLAY News is an independent media outlet, providing truthful reporting and the free and open exchange of ideas. With that foundation and the unwavering belief in the greatness of America, SLAY News has quickly grown into an international news company.

SLAY News is unapologetically Pro-America and Pro-Free Speech, and stands by a pledge to put our People before corporate interests or political agenda.

SLAY News holds its correspondents, editors, journalists, and contributors to high journalistic, ethical, and professional standards. Our readers put their trust in the SLAY News editorial team, and our fact-checking, ethics, and corrections policies are designed to safeguard that trust. As one of the nation’s fastest-growing alternative media companies, SLAY News promises to always prioritize its most valuable asset – our Readers.

Fact-Checking Policy

Accuracy is extremely important and the SLAY News editorial process has several safeguards in place to ensure our accuracy. As journalists, accuracy is our best defense and most potent means for showcasing the truth in our work. When possible, we reference original sources. Otherwise, a story will cite social media sources or posts, or other news organizations.

Whenever possible, we will avoid anonymous sourcing. However, if important information cannot be reported through traditional on-the-record channels, we will attempt to independently verify information from anonymous sources to a very high degree of confidence. Authors that wish to use anonymous sourcing must reveal the identity of the source to the managing editor.

Ethics Policy

SLAY News is a values-based publication and our ethics are centered around the virtues of integrity, honesty, transparency, and independence. We strive to ensure that the subjects of our articles are treated fairly and objectively. As such, we will not run a story that paints any person or organization in a negative light without giving that person or organization a reasonable opportunity to comment. Generally, this means at least one business day. There are two exceptions to this rule:

  1. When the subject of the story has already released a full statement, or declined to make such a statement to another reputable news organization.
  2. During the course of a breaking, time-sensitive news story about a matter of immediate import - e.g., an active shooter situation. In the case of exceptions, the reporter shall work diligently to obtain a comment or statement from the subject of the story as soon as possible.

We do our utmost to ensure that all quotes are presented with 100 percent accuracy and fairness and are never deceptively edited to omit relevant context that might change the news significance of the story.

Regarding aggregation of a news story, SLAY News credits the source(s) of the original story by explicitly naming them. To the greatest extent possible, our reporters are expected to consult original source documents rather than other media reports in to ensure that we are not recapitulating errors in other reporting.

When a conflict of interest could arise, we either work to assign the story to mitigate the conflict, or where it cannot be mitigated, we disclose that conflict in our content with an editor’s note.

SLAY News has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism.

Mass Killings and Active Shooter Situations

SLAY News does not publish a murderer’s propaganda or manifesto. If it is vital to the story, we will provide a summary that indicates “according to social media postings, the killer seems to have been motivated by a belief in X,” but we will not reprint their own words or include their videos. This policy also applies to terrorism.

SLAY News never wants to give a killer or terrorist organization a platform, justification, attention, or fame that they are seeking. We will always hide, blur or obscure the faces of the killers with exception of “AT LARGE” killers or suspects.