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Advocacy for Informed Immunity Choice and
the Elimination of Vaccine Mandates in Washington State


from InformedChoiceWashington...

ICWA is an organization of parents, families, medical professionals, educators, and Washingtonians from all walks of life, who believe in healthy immunity, personal freedoms and individual choices, including vaccination and health care choices. The right to make those choices without coercion is fundamental to our civil liberties.

ICWA provides resources and advocacy for medical freedom, informed consent, scientific integrity in public health policy, and the elimination of vaccine mandates in Washington State. We actively support legislation that furthers this mission and to oppose legislation that hinders it. We also raise funds to support our work, the work of partner organizations, legal actions, and other avenues as necessary.

Our Position...
  • Vaccines are pharmaceutical products (biologics) with associated risks and unintended consequences.
  • Informed consent builds trust in the medical system.
  • Vaccine exemptions protect parental rights and children’s health.
Our Vision...

We envision a future with no vaccination mandates of any kind, where every doctor is fully trained in identifying vaccine risk factors and recognizing vaccine injury, every child is afforded a personalized approach to disease prevention, and every parent has the freedom to make the best health care decisions for themselves and their families.

Our Board and Team

ICWA has a four member volunteer working Board of Directors: Bernadette Pajer, Bob Runnells, Yael Kantor, and Lisa Templeton.

ICWA also has a voluntary advisory committee that consists of medical and scientific advisors, volunteer district leaders who work at the local level with members and the community, and the invaluable support of many volunteers that play a crucial role in all we do.


An Informed Life Radio


An Informed Life Radio is broadcast live every Friday from 3-5 PM Pacific Time on 1150AM KKNW on your AM radio, the KKNW website, many radio apps, CHD.TV, and available via recorded video & audio podcast. Guests include doctors, scientists, attorneys, parents, attorneys, educators and more, all with the common goal of restoring medical and religious freedom, informed consent, and human rights.

A free speech radio show that discusses the science, history, and politics of medicine and health so that you can make informed decisions for you and your family.


We’re starting a Real Health Revolution, One Conversation at a Time.