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For the Health of It

Your Health is Your Protection



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There’s a saying that asks, “If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?” Far too many of us are learning the answer to that question the hard way.

Our bodies are miraculous creations that cannot be rivaled nor re-produced and it is wise to respect the intelligence of our immune systems. Given the right nutrition and living conditions, the body is capable of thriving well beyond the current expectations.

Your best defense against illness is to Stay Healthy!

Nutrition is a complicated subject and every 'body' can have different needs and deficiencies. Back in the day, when we were raising our own foods naturally, we could generally get all the nutrition we needed from the foods we ate. These days, it has been shown that our soils are seriously depleted of natural minerals and nutrients. Factory farming, international shipping methods, and a variety of other insidious practices produce inferior foods compared to those grown organically and preferably, grown locally .

Also, the stress factor in our lives contributes to the depletion. All this means that most people should take supplements to make sure they are getting the nutrients they need. Even if you eat what you would consider a balanced diet, chances are you still need supplementation. Children, especially, need excellent nutrition for their growing bodies.



When choosing supplements, it's a veritable jungle out there. Just know that all supplements are not created equally! Be sure to choose high-quality brands, including Herbal supplements, since they can contain trace minerals, which are often what the body needs.

Also 'Super-Mega-Multi' vitamins are often not a balanced combination, can be a big waste of money, and can do more harm than good. We encourage you to support your local Health Food Store, as opposed to a pharmacy or big-box store. You will typically get better products and a better education.

Consider this article on the Awakened Nexus site for some foundational info - Immune System Support

The Importance of Self Care

Most of us know that proper nutrition is important to maintain Health, but we often don’t know what is optimal. Our world, including our food, water, and air has been inundated with man-made chemicals. Although the body can mitigate a certain amount of chemical overload, it can be slowly overwhelmed until it may no longer be able to handle the load. That’s when things begin to break down; we lose energy, begin to feel tired all the time, and ultimately can become ill.

Symptoms like achiness and pain are the body’s way of trying to get our attention; to let us know that we need to take action – more rest; less toxic substances; better nutrition; etc. Often though, because our lives are busy, we hope it will go away and we take something to ease the pain or give us more energy.

Squelching the symptoms is the same as seeing the warning lights on your dashboard and then letting your car run out of oil. It will keep going for a while, but let it go too long and you have real issues. If your car breaks down, it will cost you, but it can probably be fixed. If your body breaks down, it’s harder to fix and spare parts are not often available. Please take good care of You!


Take Charge of Your Life!

Ultimately, You are responsible for the care of your body. Educate yourself! Weigh and balance all information without fear or bias. Look in your community for nutritional practitioners and other experts in nutritional Health. Interview them to discover who you would like to work with.

Here's a point -

When you invest in a car, an appliance, a home, or any other item important to your life, you most likely do lots of research to make sure of your purchase.

Your Health is just about the most important investment you can make in this life.

Doesn't it make good sense to learn everything you can about it?