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Truth is the First Casualty of Tyranny



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Pandemics do not occur in well-functioning societies.

from Dr. Rima Truth Reports ...

The declaration of the COVID-19 'pandemic' ushered in a level of assault on our freedoms that has never before been seen in the modern world. Overt attacks on the ability to speak openly, associate freely, and on bodily autonomy have been incessant and oppressive.

Violations of the Nuremberg Code have run rampant through coercion, propaganda, and the sowing of dissent among the free people. At the forefront of these assaults are government officials, their highly paid medical representatives, and the World Health Organization [WHO].

The World Health Organization is now preparing to destroy individual and national sovereignties and establish itself as a global medical dictatorship. We are committed to ending their power grab by compelling our governments to immediately leave the WHO.



The Natural Solutions Foundation is an exempt international NGO (non-governmental organization) whose mission is to discover, develop, document, demonstrate, and disseminate natural solutions to the issues that threaten our health and food freedom.

The Foundation has no other goal than to support advanced healthcare and health & food freedom here in America and around the world by educating members of the US Congress, other world legislators, agencies and decision makers. Our US Foundation has no commercial interests and no conflict of interest in what we do - Demonstrate Natural Solutions.

We are many and they are few and there is strength in numbers! Citizens of all nations, please join with us in the fight for our lives!


Open Source Truth is a corporate media-free safe space for Truth and is a project of the Natural Solutions Foundation. We have invited Truth Speakers from around the World to raise their voices here at OpenSourceTruth.com. This is a news aggregation site like no other. We are brave, bold, and vigilant observers unafraid to speak so you have 'Open Source Truth'.

Our outstanding regular contributors include, among others, Hon. M. Murata (Japan), Rima E. Laibow, MD (USA), Ralph Fucetola, JD (USA), Adam Crabb (Austria), Vinny Eastwood (New Zealand), Dane Wiggington (USA), Richard Sacks (USA), Norma Erikson (UK) and more.

The 7 Principles of Humane Health Care

Existing International regulations and treaties regarding international, local or personal health must be replaced by the principals of H.H.C. (Humane Health Care), starting with the First Rule: Do No Harm.

  • Public Health: In a humanely functioning society with proper hygiene, sanitation, and nutrition, pandemics and wide-spread chronic illness do not occur. Pandemics do not occur in well-functioning societies.
  • Sovereignty: Pandemics and other ‘health conditions’ must not be used as weapons to curtail or eliminate the inalienable personal rights and freedoms of We the People, nor to damage personal sovereignty and/or national sovereignty.
  • Personal Medical Freedom is essential and guaranteed. Each individual is the relevant stakeholder in preserving his/her health and has the absolute human right to access any health strategy, freely deciding whether or not to consent to, or refuse, any proposed treatment.
  • Informed Consent is the necessary precondition for health freedom; any violation of Informed Consent is both a crime against humanity and against the individual.
  • Informed Dissent: means demanding transparency, open communications and unfettered freedom of speech, which are essential to prevent tyrannical consequences of ‘pandemics-of-convenience’ and widespread chronic ill health.
  • Social Controls Violate both Informed Consent and Informed Dissent and promote pandemics or widespread chronic ill-health. Social controls include lockdowns, Digital ID Passports, Social Credit Scores, social distancing, censorship and so-called 'vaccine' mandates.
  • Local Control, in harmony with the above Principles, must form the basis of social governance. Global, private and public-private partnership organizations must remain free of conflicts of interest and be restricted to advisory roles only.

Dr. Richard M. Fleming -10letters.org

a paper-based sister campaign

Millions of people have been injured or killed by this 'virus'. Why has nobody asked those responsible to be held accountable? This is not an argument about being vaxxed or not vaxxed.

There would be no need for a vaccine, ventilators, or lockdowns if they had not released an illegal gain-of-function bioweapon.

People ask what can I do? How can I help?

Dr. Richard M. Fleming, MD, PhD, JD, a long-time advocate for personal medical sovereignty and true informed consent, has created a movement to send physical letters to state attorneys general, directing them to take legal action against the perpetrators of the COVID-19 atrocity. Physical mailings have great impact and are difficult to ignore. We would encourage everyone to visit to magnify the important messages we need officials to hear!

You can send a letter to your State's Attorney General asking them to do their job and protect those they have sworn an oath to protect. Demand they convene a grand jury and bring criminal indictments against the perpetrators.

This is the time to band together as Americans to stand up for our rights