COVID-19 Uncertainty
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COVID-19 Uncertainty

Theories of Germs in the Terrain



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There's a lot of discussion on what this so-called 'novel' disease is - and isn't. COVID-19, short for COronaVIrusDisease-2019, is a variation of a corona virus, which is said to be the cause of the common cold. What the actual difference is between a bad cold and the flu is not always clear. Either one is usually a miserable experience, but most people tend to survive colds and flu, if they aren't very old or in poor Health.

Whether or not the virus actually causes death is also not clear. Is the virus to blame or are there other factors that we are not aware of, and/or are being misconstrued? There are many who have made the case that the virus has actually never been isolated, meaning that whatever people are getting sick of is not what the so-called experts are saying it is.

Silent Spreaders & other nonsense

If you listen to the news, you might believe the black plague is upon us, but if you look around, there are no dead bodies piling up. Whatever the thing might actually be, it has effectively altered our world, and everyone seems to perceive different versions of the truth.

Millions of people are born and die every day, which is normal. What is not normal is the shutting down of the world and the acquiescence of the people due to the fear of a disease. When you look outside of the mainstream narrative [ Mainstream is best described as what dominates the public discourse. Narrative is best described as how the discourse gets framed.] you will find that most, if not all plagues and pandemics were created, either through poor environment and nutrition, or from tinkering with things in labs that ought not to have been tinkered with.

The idea that a person who is feeling well, with no symptoms, can be a 'Silent Spreader' and somehow infect another is a marketing scam to keep people in fear of each other. This has never been proven in the history of disease. The theory that someone who is actually sick can infect another has also technically never been proven. Can people in the same household all be sick at the same time? Of course. They are all exposed to the same environment and possibly have the same deficiencies. This is confusing when some in the same household get sick and others do not. Look to the body's terrain for a better understanding.

Germ & Terrain Theories


Germ Theory has been the accepted notion since Pasteur won the argument over Bechamp back in the 1800s. From the Fullist...

"The history behind germ theory versus terrain theory is extensive. In 1861, Louis Pasteur announced his finding of Germ Theory — a concept that had proved germs cause disease. Around the same time, Antoine Bechamp introduced the notion of Terrain Theory which states that disease can’t develop in a truly healthy environment, and that germs and viruses can only become disease if they are inhabiting an unhealthy organism. There has been much debate on this topic with opposing sides advocating for and against each theory, however, a closer look at the two theories reveals that there is merit and wisdom in both."


Dr. Robert O. Young has much to say on the subject...

"B├ęchamp proposed that the environment of the body, determines what can live and not live. Young says that the source of common disease, is chemical poisoning, which can come in many forms, such as pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified foods, and vaccines. All of which, do not come from nature. They are produced by the military – industrial – pharmaceutical complex."

The fact that wikipedia calls Terrain Theory, Germ Theory Denialism, tells us that there are those who don't want Terrain Theory to be considered. Do your homework and decide for yourself.

Natural Medicine & Healing

There’s an old saying – “We can put a man on the Moon, but we can’t cure the common cold.” Both of these points are highly debatable.

Natural medicine allows that if you give the body the right tools – good food, air, water, and nutrients – it has the wisdom to take care of any 'germs' that might come along. There is also a concept known as a 'Healing Crisis', which is a good thing. The body can only tolerate so much toxic over-load before it has to 'blowout' the system. This can look like the flu with all its unpleasant side effects. Consider it like a good old-fashioned Spring Cleaning that can happen any time of the year.


The best rule of thumb is to eat well; get plenty of rest and exercise; alleviate stress; minimize toxic substances like alcohol, tobacco, chemicals, etc.; and don’t be scared.

Simplicity; Beauty; Laughter; Nature – these are some of the best medicines. You don’t need a prescription, and you can take them in large quantities with no bad side effects.

We encourage you to research to find out what is truth to you and live it. 


No Fear!