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The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations, building standards of transparency and working with technology platforms to affirm and amplify journalism’s commitment to transparency, accuracy, inclusion, and fairness so that the public can make informed news choices. It was founded and is led by award-winning journalist, Sally Lehrman.

We help over half a billion people easily assess the integrity of news worldwide. And we’re growing fast.

Look for our 8 Trust Indicators, now presented on hundreds of news sites. They are the first Global Transparency Standard that helps people know who and what is behind a news story: policies to ensure honesty, accuracy, and fairness; commitments to own up to mistakes; details about ownership; info on a journalist’s expertise; and more.

The Trust Project built the Trust Indicators by asking people what they value in the news – and what wins and loses their trust. Then we married their insights with bedrock journalism values to come up with eight core disclosures that every reader, listener, and viewer deserves to know.

The Trust Project operates as a consortium of top news companies, led by founder and award-winning journalist, Sally Lehrman. We are people and organizations dedicated to restoring the trusted role of the press in serving the public good.

Our History

Our journey started when Sally Lehrman began asking why technology couldn’t support news trustworthiness and integrity instead of driving it down. But what does 'trustworthy' really mean? The Trust Project set off on in-depth interviews asking people what they valued in news; when they trusted it and when they didn’t. Now, with hundreds of news partners and alignment with leading digital platforms, The Trust Project leads the way in news transparency with our globally recognized Trust Indicators.

Our Values

  • Authority: We base our work on research, evidence and the core ideals of journalism.
  • Authenticity: We are truthful and follow strict standards.
  • Transparency: We are open, honest and accessible. We Illuminate, not obfuscate, and admit our mistakes.
  • Inclusivity: Our work keeps a diverse public at its center.
  • Fairness: Our work is impartial and respectful of differences.
  • Reliability: We are consistent and can be counted on.

Together and individually, the 8 Trust Indicators show who and what is behind a news story so people can easily assess for themselves whether it comes from a credible source.