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from the Stand for Health Freedom website...

Stand for Health Freedom (SHF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting informed consent in medical care for individuals and families by helping Americans protect their fundamental rights by engaging in the political process.

Our digital advocacy center, launched in August 2019, gives Americans direct contact to their elected officials and others in positions of influence with zero-barrier, automated access. Individuals can easily personalize communications or take advantage of the well-vetted research and information provided by our team.

SHF is building an infrastructure to educate citizens, and for citizens to educate their lawmakers. The grassroots campaigns that SHF spearheads are scalable, customizable and can be directed toward any accountable governmental actor.

Featured Actions:
  • In December 2019, SHF launched multiple campaigns for New Jersey citizens who were in jeopardy of losing their religious exemption to vaccination. In just one week’s time, more than 80,000 emails were sent to New Jersey lawmakers through the SHF advocacy portal, which showed the immense opposition to the measure and ultimately helped stop it from becoming law.
  • In the spring of 2022, SHF featured a campaign to support a federal bill to defund the World Health Organization. 137,000 advocates emailed and called their local congressmen, which was followed by 46 lawmakers signing on to the bill inside of one month.
  • Our Vote for Health Freedom project vetted hundreds of candidates around the country for their dedication to informed consent and medical freedom, armed voters with information, and resulted in 642 endorsed candidates moving on to the general election in 2022.

SHF currently represents a half million Americans and has an estimated reach of one million advocates who stand for informed consent, privacy, parental rights, freedom of speech, and the U.S. Constitution.

Together, we’re committed to taking down barriers Americans have when it comes to engaging in the political process and making it undeniable to citizens and lawmakers that America still stands for Health Freedom.


The pandemic treaty has been decades in the making...


The World Health Organization (WHO) is poised to become a central hub for globalist control using public health for its power grab. The WHO is the United Nations’ health agency, and its reach and authority have been expanding rapidly in the last two decades.

The WHO was created in 1948 with the public understanding it would be a hub for information to support countries around the world in their own public health decisions. Its activities were limited to only specified diseases at times of outbreak.

Today, however, the WHO can declare pandemics and monitor countries and individuals for the possibility of outbreaks. The one thing it can’t do yet is enforce its authority; it has no teeth. This is where the pandemic treaty and changes to its current regulations come in, and why it’s so important for the U.S. to stand against giving more power to the UN’s World Health Organization.

The Biden administration is making huge efforts to solidify the WHO as a central governing body in the name of global health security. In fact, President Biden has been a proponent of strengthening the UN and of global health security since he took office as a senator in 1972. Today, he wants the UN’s World Health Organization to have more power over independent nations and is behind the U.S. proposal for it to have a “Compliance Committee.”

Is that in the best interest of Americans? Would an unaccountable, unelected “Compliance Committee” for international laws that Americans have NO say in, uphold the U.S. Constitution, or destroy it?

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