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from the Renegade Health website ...

Renegade Health Magazine was born out of necessity. The health information space is broken. For years now, the leading health magazines and websites have abandoned their mission. They no longer promote improved health. Instead, they focus on selling ads and pushing the government approved narrative. Look no further than the best-selling health magazine on the market right now. Roughly 40% of their pages are advertisements. As you will soon see, that’s not the case with Renegade Health Magazine.

Americans, and people throughout the industrialized world, are unhealthier than ever. Rates of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, depression, anxiety, autoimmune disease, and various other ailments are higher than ever before. There’s no end in sight. The goal of Renegade Health Magazine is to change that trajectory.



This magazine isn’t like any other. The contributors to this magazine have proven their ability to communicate effectively and promote positive change, improving the health of their readers. They may not have a fancy degree. They don’t work for government, Big Pharma, Big Ag, or Big Education. You probably haven’t even heard of many of them. However, they are all subject matter experts in their field, sharing their knowledge and insights with you.

What Renegade Health Is NOT?
  • This isn’t a medical journal.
  • This wasn't created for doctors.
  • This isn’t mainstream approved.
  • The contributors to this magazine aren’t all doctors
  • They may not have prestigious credentials
  • They aren’t funded by Big Pharma, Big Ag, or Big Academia
  • They have proven their ability to help people improve their health
Renegade Health Magazine is designed with a single purpose in mind:
  • Help you get healthy


Doc Anarchy


Doc Anarchy is an expert at promoting health through lifestyle changes, rather than medications. He was an outspoken supporter of early treatment against Covid-19 and the author of 'Killing Covid', the definitive covid early treatment guideline. He is currently one of the top publishers in the Substack Health and Wellness category.

When I started RHM, it was a shot in the dark. I had no idea who, if anyone, would read almost 100 pages of dense health information. Frankly, I didn’t care if the only people who bought a copy were myself and my mother. The health information space has been severely damaged by the last 3 years of Covid-19 propaganda. This magazine was a necessity. I consider it my duty to teach real health to as many people as possible.

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