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Health Freedom Idaho

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Health Freedom Idaho (HFI) was created to protect our access to and preserve our freedoms in regard to the Health care of our choice. We are a concerned group of citizens, professionals, and families in Idaho interested in protecting Idaho’s Health freedoms.

Given the Health Freedom Idaho belief that each person, parent, or guardian should be free to choose how to get and stay well, we are committed to promoting and preserving for the people of Idaho the right to access the healing and Health care treatment, information, and services of their choice and which they determine necessary for their own health and survival.

We are committed to protecting the practitioners’ right to practice; we are committed to developing state statutes and rules that honor our unalienable human right to self-determination in all aspects of our own and our children’s health; and we are committed to empowering the citizens of Idaho by advocating their understanding of the laws and factors impacting their right to access.

HFI works tirelessly to educate on clean water, clean air, vaccine choice, clean food, environmental toxins, and most importantly, parental rights and natural rights. We work to bring information to the public to further the discussion on the dangers of the toxins all around us, how Idahoans can protect their families, and how to become active in defending our rights in choosing the health and healing paths we want for our families.