Dr. Michael Yeadon
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Dr. Michael Yeadon

The ex-Pfizer scientist who became an anti-vax hero



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Dr. Michael Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals was a dedicated company man for his whole life until COVID came to town. Once he realized that the 'facts' were not lining up with what he was witnessing as a scientist and an expert in his field, he began to speak out against the narrative.

Excerpt from an interview by AIER

My name is Dr Michael Yeadon. My original training was a first-class honours degree in biochemistry and toxicology. Followed by a research-based PhD into respiratory pharmacology; and after that I’ve worked my entire life, on the research side of the pharmaceutical industry – both big pharma and also biotech.

I initially became concerned about our response to the coronavirus pandemic towards the middle or back end of April as early as that... And so I became very perturbed about increasing restrictions on the behavior and movement of people in my country and I could see no reason for it then and I still don’t.

Government’s response to emergencies is guided by the scientific group who sit together under the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies or SAGE. SAGE has got several things wrong, and that has led to advice that’s inappropriate and not only has had horrible economic effects, but has had continuing medical effects in that people are no longer being treated properly.

There is a test that’s performed where people have their noses and tonsils swabbed, called a PCR test. And what they’re looking for isn’t the virus... What they’re looking for is a small piece of genetic sequence; it’s called RNA,which will be found in people’s tonsils and nose, not if they’ve just caught the virus and they’re about to get ill, or they’re already ill. It’s also going to be found if they were infected previously weeks – or even months ago.

If you’ve been infected and you’ve fought off the virus, which most people do, you’ll have broken dead bits of virus. These are tiny things smaller than your cells, perhaps spread all the way through your airway, embedded in bits of mucus. However, the PCR test is not able to detect whether the viral RNA has come from a living virus or a dead one.

This test has never been used in this way. It’s not suitable at all. It’s subject to many mechanical errors, should we say, handling errors. If this was a test being used for legal purposes, for forensic purposes like a DNA identity test, the judge would throw out this evidence; would say it’s not admissible. It produces positives even when there’s no virus there at all. We call that a false positive.

What we should do is stop mass testing. Not only is it an affront to your liberty, it will not help at all.

Dr. Yeadon has published over 40 original research articles and now consults and partners with a number of biotechnology companies. Like so many others, he is putting his reputation and his life on the line to speak the truth.